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Clubs are great for connecting people with people. What they are not very good at is for someone with on-line knowledge comparing notes with other on-line folks. I've found that typically club members are into their craft but not as into it as some on-line folks are. There are a wide range of topics discussed on BeeSource and it is the sort of learning that you think about before absorbing as your own.

Clubs generally have local knowledge going for them - and so I read with some surprise that the local information presented conflicts with your experiences. It may be that the leaders of the club have become that way because no one else is willing to do the job. It makes for quick elections to say "same officers as last year" but the club misses out on a chance to inject vigor into their operation with new blood. I like the idea of having "at-large" Board members with staggered terms. If the club wants to ensure periodic change consider term limits.

I wish I had all the answers but I don't. I'm a member of three different local bee clubs and they each have strengths and weaknesses based in part on the skills of their leaders and the passion exhibited by members. In the end people join clubs to have fun AND learn about their hobby. If you don't find an audience for your talk in Reno come to Maine and I'll find one for you. Just remember, all beekeeping is local.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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