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So I decided to take a look.

Mini nuc-sized Kenya hive is doing well enough--about halfway thru their capped comb. Didn't see any brood, but they are a small cluster and its been in the 20s for the last month.

The smallest Lang nuc didn't want visitors this afternoon and sent me running for my smoker and a poofy pair of pants. Looks like they've got a couple frames left--may have to give them a candy board. Saw a ~5" cluster (many were spread out consolidating) and decided to let them be.

2 hives are double 5-frame medium nucs--bees were in the top box, but appear to be consolidating rather than clustering.

My other full-sized Langs have this column of bees thing going... looks like a narrow cluster from the top of the frames, but it goes down thru several boxes (I use mediums). They're at one end of the comb at the front of the hive and it looks as if they could move laterally along the combs towards the back to get at the rest of the capped nectar... but what's up with that?

Also, I may have overfed my strongest hive. They have about 15 lbs in the top box (never completely filled it), at least 40 in the 2nd one down, and the main cluster is still in the third one down. (When I last looked a few months ago, the bottom 4th box was full of pollen and the brood nest was in #3). Will they eat thru ~50 lbs of cured sugar-nectar in the next 2 months before blooms? This being my first year, I'd like to use drawn comb for honey rather than old sugar-nectar...

I've got the standard pile-o-bees in front of the hives, but overall I'm hopeful that most of them will make it. The only one I've lost so far was the observation hive I installed in early December from a retarded nuc that only put away about 2 frames of stores...

Any comments or wisdom on these observations would be appreciated!
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