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No earth shattering shots, but a few better than the cell phone pics.
We did welfare checks on Sunday (8/10) on our four 4' TBHs. All of them have laying queens and are looking good. We did mite counts via powdered sugar roll. Hives ranged from 0-2 mites (0, 1, 1, 2) in about 3/4-1 cup of bees.

Just two hives here at the moment, they are doing well so it may be the site of some more next spring.

First, the hive with a suspected feral queen from the second week of June.

Typical brood bar (my dad on the left, my brother on the right:

Traffic jam at their side entrance. I haven't had the heart to seal this one up, they basically do not use the front entrance. Some night after dark I will seal it up and force them to use the front.

Italian hive entrance shot:

A couple of weeks ago we did some crosscombing repair on our Italian hive and apparently after we left one of the combs collapsed. :( We cut it out and took it home.

The queen they raised awhile back, she's laying well.

A couple from one of our packages that struggled being queenless at install, queenless after drone layer replacement queen, laid up well by a bought mated queen who seemingly vanished. So we swapped in another queen from a small nuc, we will be combining the bees/combs in with our other TBHs in the next couple days. She started slowly after the introduction, but she has every cell filled now.

And, the yield from the collapsed comb:
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