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I think this is the most exciting day of my life. A few weeks ago My cousin called and a swarm had attached itself to her eve/overhang. I was so excited I ran right out there and scraped those beauties into an ice chest and brought them home. When I got here I opened the ice chest thinking I was just going to dump the bees into me hive. I forgot to thump the ice chest. As you can guess they were all over every square inch of the inside of that Da** ice chest. I tried. Lord knows I tried but the next few days was a sad story of how I bungled, mistreated those precious little lives.

Yesterday a friend from Orange County called and said he had a swarm attached to his chain link fence amongst the Ivy. It was a walk up deal. THIS TIME I had taken the time to build Robo’s “BushKill” Be Vac. You know, the one that sucks them right into the hive they will live in for ever..... had spent many late night hours fine tuning and adjusting. I was ready to go. I hade fully and meticulously briefed my wife. I had loaded the truck with everything Dadant offers that’s even close to my interests and off we went. Upon arrival the ground was soggy and slimly and there was a mass of roots that had been pilled and left. There was no way to back the truck up close to the fence, but I was not afraid. Quickly and without mishap my wife grabbed one end of an action packer and I the other. Time after time, again and again, we unloaded the truck until
Until everything imaginable was out on the parkway. The vacuum ??? Strapped together, tested, ready to go? Well we just wheeled everything up to the swarm and an hour later we had every bee in sight. My very cute wife, was waiting for every bee that returned from the field. She was actually sucking them out of the air. Finally we packed it in..... Came home.... Set the vacuum/hive combo on the intended bottom board and waited. After a box and a half of Wheat Thins, (2 hours) we went out to see that was happening. My beautiful girls were already cleaning out the hive.

If I don’t screw up from this point, I’ve got girls.

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