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I've been into my hives a few times (new beek :eek:) and I haven't been able to find my queens. I went to break into 6 hives for another local guy and of the 3 that we went looking for queens in, I found 2.

Figuring now that I know what I am looking for, I'd go out to the hives and see if I could find the queen in #1. I found her!!! Took about 10 minutes. The bees told me right where she was! I didn't use any smoke on the top, just a puff or 2 into the intrance to let them know I was there. I popped the top and the bees started walking on top of the frames in a 4-5" circle. I wondered to myself 'Are they there because the queen is there?' I pulled the #1 frame and started scooting the frames to the side until I got to the cluster. I picked it up and sure enough! There she was. Right in the middle of that group of bees.

Anyhow. Here she is! Dont know what she is... but I found her!

Are the queens ALWAYS found like this or am I smokin crack?
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