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I just did my weekly hive inspection , this time it was a very short one . I saw what I was looking for as soon as I popped the inner cover off the super . They've started drawing comb on the center frames of the super now , and this has greatly relieved my fears . I was SO afraid they wouldn't move up , and that they'd be short of honey for the coming winter . Of course I'll be watching to see if they use the new cells for brood or for food storage - I'm guessing the queen will be up there by next week's look-see . I seriously doubt I'll need the second super , but it's all but ready , I have new frames ready for foundation and can have it ready in an hour or two if I need it .
I watched the ladies coming in this morning for a while , they are bringing in a lot of bright orange <and some white/cream colored> pollen , and <now I know how to tell> nectar too . It looks like the goldenrod bloom is coming on , I'll be going for a little tour of the nearby back roads to look around for wild flowers . I suspect if our fall is as wet as spring was I might even get to harvest a little bit of honey .
I sure wish I was actually capable of doing the Snoopy happy-dance , because my feet would be goin' like crazy - Happy Happy !
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