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Is it normal for them to not take syrup when it rains? They had been taking 2 quarts a day. Yesterday started three days of rain and it was in the upper 50's.
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If the syrup does not get too cool for the bees to ingest they will take at least as much. Especially if they have been taking it. If you want the bees to take syrup to build comb or a reserve of stores, put some feeding attractant like lemon grass oil in the syrup.
I do put my homemade honey b healthy in it. I guess maybe the syrup got cool. I thought that as the day got warmer the syrup would warm. I think I will put fresh out.
2 qts per day!? That is a heck of alot of syrup. My biggest hives max out at about 3 qts per week.

Maybe your hives have filled up all the available comb and don't have room for much more syrup?
These were new packages. They had been taking just under 2 quarts in twenty four hours. Now that has been raining they have taken less than half of a quart in about thirty six hours. It may only be a coincidence with the rain.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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