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Hi All
I did a large cut-out a month ago, and saved a little honey in a 5 gallon bucket, maybe 1lb to 2 lbs max. Tonight I did a new cut-out on the very same house, as a swarm moved in last week to a new area of the house, 15 feet from my swarm catcher!!!. I went to feed some of the honey to this new, and small swarm. It smelled somewhat sour, so I gave them some comb that was capped I had laying around, and took 1/4 cup of good basswood honey and distributed across the top of the frames. they jumped on the comb immediately, as they appeared very hungry.
My question is, should I feed them honey that may have absorbed some moisture from the air and now has begun to ferment? Will they take it? Will it harm them? Let me know please.
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