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One of our apple trees in the fenced apiary always produces more than we or out 13 neighbors can consume/save/store. And now with bees it and the others have gone wild with fruit. Yesterday I pulled an entire wheelbarrow of ground falls with every intent of putting them in our hot compost pile.

This morning when I visited the apiary, and to pull the wheel barrow, I heard a lot of buzzing in it. Fully expecting YJ's I grabbed the spray bottle of soapy water with every intent on having a mass kill. Lo and behold it was full of honey bees coming and going on the apples. Yeah it's the dearth here. But still several hundred multi flowered sunflowers are being visited, they are still feeding on borage, goldenrod, california fig wort, and my still flowering squashes and pumpkins. They are being fed 2:1 syrup.

Just a hobbyist and on 2nd year of BKing. Seemed feeding directly on the apples was weird. Yeah, I get it that they will do what they will do, just wondering if others have seen this foraging behavior? I'm just assuming it's the high sugar content in several day old ground fall? They really focus on the bruised areas of the fruit.
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