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So I made some NUCs up back in the first week of April and a couple of them really struggled and I think it was because I didn't feed them enough.

I then made up a couple more two weeks ago this coming Sunday and made sure they had some pollen parry and syrup and I shook in some extra bees since they were in the same yard. I screened of the entrances for about 36hrs and them added the queen cages.

I checked them the first of this week and the queens were out and looking good but on one of the hives it was packed with bees and they were filling up the brood frames with the syrup. I think our flow is finally getting underway and this NUC appears to have plenty of foragers so I pulled the feeder and added a frame of mostly drawn comb in its place.

Didn't seen and queen cups or cells, but I was worried about swarming since back-filling the brood area is a known warning sign.

Are NUCs basically the same as far as swarming behavior is concerned?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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