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feeding honey back

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I have about 60#s of strong honey that I want to feed back. I have some ideas but would like to pick your brains to see how you would go about it
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I've put it in a feeder that's sloping towards where they normally feed. At this time of the year, they should take it very quickly as soon as it's warm enough for them to get out and about. Make sure that only the hive that you're feeding it to can get it, otherwise you've got a good chance for robbing.
Look in the gray line above. Do you see the word search? Click that and type in what you are looking for. Typing in feeding honey brings up all these posts-
Thanks D Coates. This is what I had planned on doing just filling the high side of my wood Miller top feeders.

Beeslave if you look I have been a member here a couple of years longer than you and know how it all works. I know I could have found some ideas searching however I dont have the time.
What do you mean by "strong"? Strong tasting? Therfore not for human consumption? Honey you don't want to eat?

Sell it as bakery grade honey or use it in cooking.
By strong I mean its very dark with a odor of urine. I like dark honey and this tastes great as long as your not breathing as you eat it. It was some early stuff from last year. I was running out so pulled some supers to restock the shelves. It was right after Autumn Olive so I believe it came from these.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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