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I have some dead hives with honey next to this hive. The bees ignore it. Could bees ever need feeding if they forage and don't rob good honey next to them?

I read Michael Bush's new book, and feeding times and quantities were skipped. I asked about feeding on his thread.
his book thread

I don't want to take risks. My plan is to feed, make a 5 frame cell starter, start cells, and put the cell starter back in the colony over an excluder. I've made cells by grafting and cutting cocoons. I grafted with a hypodermic needle. I'm not going to graft this time. Its risky, and I don't have a Chineese grafting tool. Ideally, I will find a frame with a small amount of new comb with larvae of the right age. Then I might be able to put it in without cutting comb.

I don't understand Michael Palmer's method. It involves making a hive with a lot of capped brood and condensing it to make a "cell builder" some time after the brood hatches. I couldn't find out if the pre-cell builder is queenless. I don't know what a cell builder is. I'm not going to take a risk on doing it because I have gotten a cell starter to work. I would want to use his method to make a cell starter. Does it take a lot of resources?
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