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Mutts and carniolans.
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Recently bought a bunch of used equipment, most with bees:) Trying to come up to speed in both the top bar and Warre world...

Top bar nuc has no feeder, nor any room to put one if I had a second one. Any suggestions other than a plastic bag on the floor?

Top bar hive has a nasty looking feeder, how can I clean it? Wooden box with plexy glass on one side, can only be partially disassembled. Thought of rinsing it with Clorox water, but afraid it will corrode the galvanized mesh 'ladder' inside. Or enlarge the hole in the top so get my hand in? Hanger board will cover it.

Mercifully the cathedral hive is the one empty one, so I have time to research it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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