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Feeding A New Package

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So I installed a new package of bees on Thursday with 1 gallon of one to one in a frame feeder. The temp immediately dropped below 50 degrees on Friday and Saturday and will be below 50 Monday and Tuesday. My question is do you think that single gallon will last until Wed or should I open the hive today (only day above 50) and give them more 1:1? I unfortunately have been unable to find how much syrup a package will go through and with the temps the girls aren't leaving the hive.
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Feed the living daylights out of them 1:1. We feed 2:1 in fall to make the dry down process quicker. Don't forget your pollen patties. Comb Building is a must watch video from University of Guelph.

As you are feeding them the problem to watch for is making sure the queen has space to lay eggs in. If they start backfilling the brood nest with the excessive feed you can move frames around. So keep an eye on the nest and be sure she has space around her. But I would rather solve that problem then leaving them at a disadvantage going into winter.

Also- new packages offer a great opportunity to give them an oxalic acid treatment (OAV) since you are have no brood yet. I would let them settle for a few days then give them a treatment for mites.
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