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Feeders would be easier to learn and talk about if they were better categorized. More categories or better names would help.

Feeder types:

- common names:
  1. open: Eating is outside the hive.
    IMG_0549 - Copy - Copy.jpg 180302_Bee_Smart_feeder.jpg
  2. inverted: Syrup is fed at the bottom and held in by a vacuum.
    180302_Bee_Smart_feeder.jpg Picture12-768x576.jpg
  3. bag

- names I made up:
  1. closed: not an open feeder
    feeder3.jpg Picture12-768x576.jpg HiveTopFC.jpg
  2. top entrance: Bees feed above the syrup on floats or ladders.
    IMG_0549 - Copy - Copy.jpg HiveTopFC.jpg
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