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Feeder Question

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I have the black feeder with wire mesh in the center from KB....
My question is should the inner cover go on top of it..?????
I left it off for now........
It looked to me that if I left it on the bee's would go in through the inner cover and drown in the feeder... Instead of entering above the frames.....

Did I mess up? Will a missing inner cover kill my bees?

My other Hive has a brushy Mountain feeder on it! Which I like a lot better because there should be no drowning no matter how they enter.. The inner cover is on top of it.
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Yes, inner cover ontop of feeder, then outer cover. I would screen the inner cover hole to keep robbers out and allow for ventilation. If you feed alot condensation can become in issue especially on cooler days.

Also check the gap where the screen meets the plastic along the sides. On mine there was a large enough gap that allowed bees to enter once the syrup level dropped. I wedged in a small twig to close gap.
I am assuming you are talking about a hive top feeder. You do not need an inner cover wit the feeder on. you are correct. If your inner cover has an upper entrance in it, the bees will enter above the feeder and drown. You are Ok.
I actually found that putting the inner cover below the plastic insert type hive top feeder works best for me. It really seems to stop the bees from drawing burr burr comb under the feeder. The get to it through the hole in the inner cover.
Guess what has worked for me is backwards.
The inner cover only matters as far as it lets bees in the top. Bees getting in the top will drown. It really doesn't matter if you do or don't have an inner cover over the feeder otherwise. A notched inner cover can be a disaster.
My girls have no interest whatsoever in a top feeder at this time of year; they are busy satisfying their needs from sources outside of the hive. You find that your bees may not want the feeder until the hot summer. This is just a notation on my hives here in New Jersey.
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