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Feeder Pail Screen Plugs?

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Hi All,
Wondering where a person can buy the screen plugs for making feeder pails?
I saw them in the Betterbee catalog, but was trying to do some shopping?

I also have been throwing around the ideal of buying the mesh and fabricating my own plugs, but am wondering what size mesh that a person should buy and what material (ie. ss, copper, brass, etc.)? :s:s

Thanks! Mtn. Bee
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i got mine from Betterbee - but Brushy mountion had the lids that you can buy - i havent tried BM's lids yet

i just used 1 or 2 gal buckets

just use a 2" cut out drill bit
Don't waste your time/money with screen. Just drill 10-20 small holes in the center of your lid. You can drill about 5 at a time. The bees will get the syrup just fine that way.
What size of drill bit?
Any problems with creating the vaccum seal so there is no leaking thru the drilled holes?:s
1/8-3/16 works for me.

No problem with leaking. The only problem is with cold nights and hot days forcing some syrup out but you will have that problem with screens.

I installed 100 3lb pkgs this spring and placed 2 gal of syrup on them in pails(2gal) with holes drilled. Most of the packages stored all that syrup in less than 9 days. 15 holes in each lid.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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