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I am looking to upgrade from my tractor with a fork attachment to an actual forklift. I am running a GMC C5500 20 flatbed truck, single axle. I would like to hear from people running the Donkey 3K or 4K forklifts about their feedback. When talking to dealers they always indicate used Donkeys are like the white unicorns, only rumors of their existence. So what you?

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So, it's time for some math.
Open your driver's side door and look at the Gross Vehicle weight rating for your truck, (GVW).
This is the maximum weight that your truck can LEGALLY weigh, including truck, payload and driver.
Now, take your truck, EMPTY to a scale and get the empty weight.
Add to that the weight of the Donkey.
Now subtract the combined weight from the listed GVW.
ooooowww, NOT good. You may be limited to moving 40 hives or less.
And on a truck that can carry 80 - 96 hives.
Piggyback forklifts are best suited for 10 wheeler s, NOT 550s.
Do the math and report back.
Good luck!
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