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Fed too long, what now?

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A hive that I split last year went into winter with one deep, and one medium super. I wanted to get a second deep drawn out with comb before the flow started, but the queen had started laying eggs in the medium, so I left it on. I fed 1:1 sugar syrup to help them draw it out, but they seem to be storing it in the honey super instead of using it to build comb. I don't think this would qualify as honey when I go to extract it, so how do I get the bees to remove it from the honey supers so they are empty to store honey in them? Also, should you feed 1:1 if there is cold weather so they will start to draw comb in the honey supers until the nectar flow is in high gear?
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I would move the super of sugar honey to the bottom, the drawn brood box over that, the brood box of foundation on top. Move 2 frames drawn into the center of the top box to act as ladders and bait frames for getting the bees to start drawing in the top. Put the two removed foundation frames, one to each outside position of the drawn frames brood box.

Bees will move the honey up around the brood, until they get crowded enough then they'll start drawing combs above in the top box. Once they have it 3/4 drawn, remove the super off bottom and put it now on the top of the stack. When it gets full of honey, pull it off for eating! or add supers if in good flows.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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