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Fayetteville, NC

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Hello from Fayetteville, NC. A brand new beekeeping team of a Dad and his 10 year old daughter. We have two Langstroth 8 frame hives that are about 1 week old. We are naming our hive Roanoke and Jamestown (hopefully our colonies won't get lost or eat each other!). We have been doing a LOT of research, internet, library, and attended one local beekeeper meeting (wasn't very impressed). Luckily I have two neighbors that raised bees as a kid and have offered to help out if I get over my head. Really just joined to do a lot of reading and research.

If any of you are in the military or rv, this is the same GreenSalsa that is registered on ProfessionalSoldiers, SOCNET, and me know if we talk on any other boards!
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Sounds as if you have an advantage starting out with daughter to give you advice.. You both with have great bonding adventures ahead of you .... congrats on your success in advance.
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