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Apimaye and Langstroth
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Here is one of our favorite bee hives. We named it "Stephanie's Hive," after the lady who hired us to remove the bees in her sprinkler box.

This colony has been up and down for a few months. In August the hive lost its queen bee. We added a new queen to their hive, and now they are going full speed ahead.

When we did Stephanie's bee removal in June, the bees were very calm. It was a challenging job because they made their hive among the plumbing and wires inside the sprinkler box. The comb had to be cut with extreme precision trying not to damage wires while keeping the comb intact.

It was 105 degrees that day, and the bees remained sweet and calm throughout the removal. We added a small colony to Stephanie's hive in July to help build up their numbers. It was a good move because when the queen departed the bee hive would have had too few bees left.

We're now in the middle of September, and Stephanie's hive is doing great, and we feel that they will have plenty of resources to get through winter. Lately we have noticed them getting a little irritated with us around their hive. This is normal to us because it's telling that they have a lot to protect.

It's funny how some hives resonate with you more than others. And this one will always have a special place in our hearts for many reasons.

Stephanie and her husband were the kindest people you could meet. They watched out the window the whole time during their bee hive removal. They were so excited to watch and be part of saving these awesome bees. They took many pictures and asked quite a few questions throughout this fun and challenging bee hive removal.

We included a picture of "Stephanie's Hive," for you to see how great their house looks. They have a two story hive, and it is on the shady side of our house.
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