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Farmhouse removal today (pics and vid)

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Between floors. Hive was 6' long, 16" wide and 12" deep.

Net Wood Pattern

One big ole fat queen!

Wood Plaster Window Room Hardwood

Scott cleaning up the straglers.

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30K (roughly) of bees in their new home. Took approx. 4.5 hours to complete. We removed about 125# of honey.

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I wish my managed hives were as large and prolific. Who says feral bees don't flourish:)
Amazing. Did one something like this once, but you are much neater than I was. Lots of comb there. Was there a room below this? If so, how did you clean up the sticky mess?
Thanks for the replies. I try to keep things neat as possible during the cutout to keep the clean up to a minimum. I also have a pet peave about stepping over debris. I know... it's wierd.

There is a room below this as a matter of fact. The second entryway is just below this hive. Just after the removal of a comb and before removing the next, I use a non toxic, biodegradable granular absorbant that absorbs the liquid and honey. By the time we are ready to clean up, we just scrape up the residual.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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