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Fall Flow in Central NJ

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I have three colonies which are all doing well. We have some goldenrod in bloom here in central New Jersey, but it seems to me that it's not a great year for goldenrod for whatever reason.

I want to treat for mites and get geared up for later fall and moving into winter with some feeding of 2:1 to build up some stores in one of the hives. The other two at last check each had nearly a full deep of stores.

How long should I wait for a possible goldenrod harvest before I give up and move forward with pre-winter steps?

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I'm in Toms River and kept bees here for about 4 years. I've never had an appreciable fall flow here in that time, hope it's just bad luck but I think it's likely just lack of goldenrod and aster in the densely packed suburbs. I think it's better to err on the side of feeding early just in case because of that. I try not to open the hives past halloween
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