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Fall Feeding

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I’m a new beek since May and have a 2 deep on. Feeding for quite a while I saw today all frames packed with sugar honey besides 2 frames on the top deep full of brood (didn’t check the bottom)
Should I hold off for a bit or keep feeding.
I’m located in SC. We still have here 90F and dry as a bone.
Not sure if there is such thing of over feeding. See attached pics of the 2 middle frames

Thanks for any advise in advance


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Nice frames. You can overfeed, which can cause a late season swarm. You need to leave some room for brood.

We check for capped honey frames, we like to have one box full of capped, the second almost completely full. The bottom medium is for the bees and brood. Right now hives with low stores in the mid box are getting a good dose of sugar water.

A few hives decided to have all the brood in the top box, empty lower boxes, so we put the brood down to the bottom and the empty boxes to the top and added a lot of sugar water. That way they can fill that top box with nectar.
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