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Fall comb honey

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Is anyone making comb honey from the fall flow? Mostly from goldenrod, asters, etc. Just a couple of questions. Do you have problems with it granulating in the cassettes, and does it sell as well as the spring honey that is a lighter color.
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usually amounts to nothing around here, too hot and dry. september is our lowest rainfall month...avg 3 inches. If we have an usually wet August/September the flow can be strong. It does crystalize easily, I usually leave it for the bees instead of feeding back syrup.
>does it sell as well as the spring honey that is a lighter color.

That depends on the market. In my experience ethnic groups seem to prefer dark strong flavored comb honey. They prefer dark honey over light honey and comb honey over extracted. Americans tend to prefer light mild flavored comb honey if they have been introduced to comb honey at all. They prefer light to dark and liquid to comb...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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