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I thought I'd share my experiences with my new 18 frame extractor. Set up was a snap. I just set it up on a piece of carpet without bolting the legs down. My first load was 15 frames. I made a conscious effort to place the frames relative to their weight so as to keep balance (the only other extractor I've used was a 4 frame tangential hand crank which required an extra person to hold the machine down!). The 15 ran perfectly with hardly a tremor. Then I ran a load consisting of 3 frames...just to see how it handled a small load. Perfect. Since then I've run 2 sets of 18 frames with no regard to individual frame weight...just placed them sequentially. Only saw a slight tremor.
The only issues I have is sometimes a frame does not nest into the top notch on the carousel. Not sure why it happens but I do have a fix for that...just shouldn't have to. Centrifugal force usually forces the frame into the notch while spinning...I just don't like to start it up with frames not seated properly. The other thing, and this may be a "non-issue" is the "geary" noise of the motor. Sometimes it sounds like the gears are not meshing properly, but it runs fine. I recorded the sound and emailed it to the supplier. Of course they said it sounded normal to them and it may be.
All in all I like the machine very much. Not disappointed at all. I especially like the fact that I can extract 2) 9 frame supers at a time instead of pieces of supers. Makes the logistics of the whole operation easier.
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