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Extractor or no Extractor?

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Is it possible to get the honey without an extractor ( I only have 1 hive) and don't think its worth the price of an extractor for just 2 maybe more frames. can anyone that has experience on the matter guide me? thank you.
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Sure its possible to cut out the comb and crush and strain the wax to get the honey out. For just one hive that would not be that hard to do. The only draw back is you don't have the comb to reuse next year.

You maybe able to use a friends extractor, look around for a beekeeper close by, maybe you can help him extract his honey and you can do yours when you'll are finished. Most bee clubs also rent extractors. So there are other options than buying an extractor for just one hive. I personally don't even like to crush and strain my cappings so I don't think I would like the crush and strain routine. But, it surely can be done. It just comes down to what works best for you.
Extractors at this point is pretty much useless. Most BKA will have a club extractor you can rent, but thats probably more effort than its worth for just two frames. Personally I'd go for a crush and strain if its just two frames. I'm forced to do that myself since I run TBH, and using a 2 frame extractor for even 9-10 frames from a super would be too much work when I can simply crush and strain it.

The only time it really becomes useful is when you have 20+ frames that need extracting.
I have an extractor and I've yet to use it. I inherited it from a former beek, so no investment on my part, just the space it takes up. I just started last year with one hive. Only harvested two frames. I did the crush and strain method—only I'm more of a "cut it into tiny pieces" person. I don't like touching the comb. Now I have 4 hives and have processed up to 7 frames at once this spring. I have gone to foundationless frames (medium). Even so, I think they would hold up in an extractor. But I still crush and strain. For me it is so much easier. I have a five gallon bucket with a mesh strainer to strain the honey and a metal colander on top of that to catch the wax.

Being foundationless, I have no problem rendering my virgin beeswax and using it to make lip balm. Although with final spring harvest coming up this weekend, I may just see if I like extracting.

Let gravity do the work!
There are videos on youtube showing how to do it this way. If I take any honey this year, it's how I will do it.
Attempted to extract honey via gravity for the first time last weekend. Brutal process. Took a 'hot' frame, uncapped it, set it over a lasagna pan and watched for two hours as honey scarcely dripped out. Would have taken a lifetime! Screw it, I carved out all the comb, but it in a fine mesh sieve and crushed it. Had 1.5 quarts out of medium frame in 15 mins. DONE.

Next up, borrowing an extractor.
>Is it possible to get the honey without an extractor

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