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Extractor help please!

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Extractor help please

A few weeks ago I bought a powered extractor from a co-worker. It once belonged to his father-in-law and was last used 40 to 45 years ago. Since that time, it has sat in a barn covered in dust, dirt and sawdust. First question, cleaning. The internal rotating cage is made of expanded steel. Can I use an acid to remove rust, or wire brush? The outer drum is galvanized and will clean easy.
Question 2. Once cleaned and prepped, refinishing. Most beekeeping equipment suppliers carry an epoxy based clear coat for honey equipment refinishing. Should I use this, or can I use a polyurethane based automotive clear coat? Any help anyone can give me will be most appreciated.
Figg in Bama
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Use camcote to seal it up once you clean it .You can find it at most bee supply places.

John poor valley bee farm
If the rust is bad. I would find a shop that does sand blasting and have them blast it when they are blasting some thing else. Unless you own one. A lot faster and more complete. Just have your paint on hand so you can do it right away. That why you don't get any flash rush. You will need to Remove all of the interior parts so that they can get their gun into it.
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