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Wild bees
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I'm a Langstroth hive beekeeper but every now and again I wind up with some loose honey comb.

Today, for example, a friend called me. She had wild bees in a large bird house and they were chasing the yard guy when he came to cut the grass. We're in Africanized bee territory and not all of the Africanized hives are that defensive, but this one was and we needed to exterminate it.

I took the honeycomb out before I exterminated the hive (soapy water). My problem was "How to extract the honey from that comb?" I squeezed it with my hands but there must be a better way.

What's the best way to extract honey from loose comb? Maybe this has been discussed many times earlier but I'm new here. If it's an old subject, just give me a pointer.
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