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So we extracted honey Monday this week and reinstalled the supers above the inner cover for the bees to clean up.

Today I took the frames off and put them in my garage freezer.

Now some of the frames have been cleaned completely of honey after extraction and the bees working on them, some still have uncapped honey that was not extracted.. There is also a few spots that the bees started capping. They never took that honey down to the 2 deep boxes.

The supers went back on for 3 days for bee cleaning.

QUESTION: My plan was to freeze then put in plastic storage containers with Para Moth.

What should be done with the super frames with some honey in them. Putting them back on the colony will not work, Apivar applied Monday when I initially pulled the supers.

My freezer is in the garage, and in Jersey it gets cold in there and the compressor stops pumping. Around 40 degrees or so. Is that cold enough to leave the frames alone in the cold freezer or do I still need the deep freeze?

Any ideas? Thoughts.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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