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Extra space in hive boxes

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I'm building my (Brushy Mtn.) boxes and frames, and have noticed that when I fill a box with ten frames, and push them all flush against one side, there's an extra 3/4" or so of space remaining. All of them are that way -- I mean, they're consistent. I would think this would be a common issue. Do I need frame spacers?

My question, obviously, is what do I do about that? Nothing? It seems to me that I need to be careful that the frames are closely positioned to maintain bee space, no? If so, won't they put that extra space to use in a way that I find undesirable?

One other q., while I have some eyes: Why don't bees draw comb on the sides of the box? I'd think that would be agreeable real estate to them, no?

Many thanks for your help!

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thats normal - you want to have some space in there to move the frames around a bit

it it was tight it would be a mess -

as the bees start work the frame wood will swell a bit from moisture and after a season that 3/4 will be about 1/2'' -

to make sure its right measure the outside it should be 16 1/4 X 19 7/8
if the lumber is 3/4 then then everything is right
Yes, that's normal. No, you don't need frame spacers. In the hive, the 10 frames should be pushed together, and then centered in the hive so that the remaining space is divided evenly on the sides.
Also, when you are done working in the hive, be sure to re-center the collection of frames to give equal space on each of the near and far side. What I do is use my hive tool along one wall to push all of the hives together against the far wall. Then I use the hive tool at the far wall to push the pushed-together frames a little over, leaving approx. the same amount of space along each of the 2 walls.

-- Steven
Thanks for answering!

Steven, I read your blog and enjoy it.

Steven, I read your blog and enjoy it.
Thanks for your kind words! I am now a 2nd year beekeeper, and used my blog to document what some of my experiences (and pictures) are. I figure if I am going to keep track of what is happening, I'll make it public to maybe help others (or solicit help for myself).

Cheers - Steven
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