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Explain why different sizes of foundation

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Why is there different sizes of foundations, like on the Kelly site there are 4 Height choices from 8 1/8 to 9 inches, and 2 for length from 16 3/4 to 16 13/16. These are all for medium frames. Same goes for the deeps and shallows. So much to learn -so little time.
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7 Hives of Apis mellifera with some Africanization
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There are several different types of Deep, Medium, and Shallow frames.

Frames with slots in the top and down each end bar, frames with grooves in the inner/under side of the top bar and a groove in the upper side of the bottom bar, frames with a wedge top bar, frames with solid bottom bars, frames with split bottom bars, and other differences, and various combinations of all of these. Each present a slightly different inner frame dimension, hence different size foundations.
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