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ever happen to you

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My son accidentally killed his queen marking her today ,The hive re queened after three weeks of adding a frame of eggs to the hive. he was heart broken.
Just wondering if it ever happened to any one else. i told it probably happens more than he thinks .
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I have done it once. I was fortunate though - she was a supercedure queen that the hive produced and, at the time, I had just received a queen order - so I had an extra on hand.

If you get the paint on the head or down the sides of the thorax, they are done for.

I use a queen marking tube, which helps and practice, when I can, on drones. The more you mark, the better you get at it. But, if you decide to mark, you are going to have to accept that while you are on the learning curve, you can definitely accidentally kill one.
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