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Last week I noticed that I had 4 capped queen cells in the top bar hive I installed a swarm into.

The bees built up really fast and are doing well. During the prior inspection there was a large about of worker brood hatching out. As of today, there is a large amount of capped drone cells drawn out form the worker cells. I saw very few eggs (guessing this is why I have queen cells). Anyway, when I got to the section with the queen cells today, I saw a newly emerged queen tearing down another queen cell as well as several worker bees doing the same. The new queen is a light golden color. A few seconds later the original queen (solid black) was seen on the queen cells but didn't attack the newly emerged queen.

I wish I had a camera with me as it was very interesting watching the new queen.

Anyway, since I had a new queen I removed the old queen in hopes to possibly split a somewhat over crowded tbh I have at another location. Well, in the process of securing her in a box, she ran up under the lid I was stapling in place and well... she is no longer. Kinda sad as she was very pretty. However, I believe she was replaced as she was not laying any new eggs. I checked several bars with open cells and no eggs. I hope the new queen mates successfully and the hive continues to thrive.

I believe the original queen was a carniolan and may replace the new queen next year with a carniolan queen from a local breeder.
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