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Essentail Oils in 2:1 sugar syrup- won't be doing that again

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2nd year- 1st year colonies. 6a. Put measured dose of ProHealth according to directions in my 2:1 sugar syrup yesterday in rapid feeders. Had ring of drowned bees and no other bees taking the syrup in all 4 feeders by end of day. Thinned it and had a little activity but not what I usually see. Took it out and dumped it nearby. Bees were all over it and it was too close to the hives for this time of year (robbing pressure). Corrected that mistake by flooding the area with water. Didn't hurt the bees but calmed the area down. I'm going for normal traffic. Until I get my feet under me with beekeeping I'm not going to use them for a while. There's a toxic quality to them and strong attractant quality too. Best left on the shelf for now.
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Best left on the shelf period.
Nothing but a little vinegar to retard spoilage and lower the ph. They don’t need any feeding stimulants like they want you to believe.
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