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Equipment questions

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I am about to transfer my newest nuc(deeps) to a hive body. I have all mediums but ended up with this deep Nuc.... All of my equip is eight frame. In order to utilize the 10 frame deep on the eight frame equip. I had to fill the space in the deep to adjust to eight frames. Now I can use the eight frame SBB, hive stand, and add the eight frame med for the second brood box, hopefully soon after. I plan to swithch everything over to the Mediums at the end of the season..Will need help with that later.
Question is, I did not have any pine handy so I cut a piece of texture 1-11 plywood to use as one wall of the hive body. Before I attach it, I question whether it is ok in a brood chamber or should I go buy a piece of pine? I was concerned about the plywood resins ...
Also I am not a carpenter so there are very slight openings along the edges. I do not want to put caulk in the hive body but I need to seal the edges with something. Any ideas?? a thick bead of glue may do it.
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It should be fine. Plywood outgasses a little from the glue, but it should be pretty well cured now, and the bees will seal it on the inside pretty quickly. You can paint the edges with glue, or plastic wood, or spackle, etc. Or do nothing and the bees will take care if it.
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