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Location: Lewis Center, OH (just north of Columbus, OH)

1) Maxant Jr Cappings Spinner (like new used 2 seasons)$1200
2) Dadant Water Jacketed Mini Melter with workingHeaters- $650
3) Dadant Inline Honey Filter brand new. Never used!-$375
4) Stainless strainer (flat bottom sits on top of 55gal drum)- $100
5) 14 new paraffin/rosin hot dipped med supers with newframes & snap in plastic Pierco foundation $30 each
6) 6-8 used painted shallow supers with new frames/snapin plastic Pierco foundation $20 each
7) ~50 used empty supers mostly med. Mostparaffin/rosin hot dipped. Some new or practically new. $6-10 ea pricedependent on condition. (all are very solid good boxes)
8) Primo Wax Melting Tank (25lbs) $450 (Retails new for$995)
9) 200 new still in box unassembled deep wood framesand snap-in Pierco foundation $175
10) Misc other supplies (filters, various plastic honeyjars, bulk lids for bears and dripless, bottling tank heater, etc. too much tolist
11) Bulk filtered clean beeswax ~50-100 lbs $3/lb
12) ~18 unassembled paraffin coated cardboard nuc boxesand lids $5 each or $50 for all
13) 1 bottom mount sundance pollen trap $35
14) 6-7 new plastic queen excluders. $1 ea
15) 8-10 nuc size supers think all are hot dipped. $5ea. (No bottoms).
16) Several hot dipped nuc size migratory tops with hole cut out for feeding. $5 ea
17) Several used telescoping tops for 10 frame hives$5ea
18) Barrel dolly never used $200

Prefer to sell the whole lot at once. First $3K cash takes it all.Approx $4K worth of supplies even at these discounted prices. Will start to sell individual pieces 9/14.

Pick up only!!! Selling most of my remaining beekeepingequipment except my extractor.

Call or text to 219-730-1824 for pics or more info. Please do not leave msg here as I do not check thesemessages often. Can email at
[email protected] as well.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts