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I came across this story;

Makes me wonder about ecosystem changes I have watched happen in my own lifetime. I rather hate driving in some states where it is mile after mile of flat agriculture field crops and few trees. I have watched farmers remove fence lines and the trees that grew there just to gain a few more acres of yield. However I have also read a study that indicated that yields go up with more fence lines because the trees and bushes reduce water evaporation. A lot of farmers tile their fields as well which moves the water out quicker. Maybe tileing into ponds or wetlands would make more sense. We usually see some drought from July to mid August.

I worked on a 2 year project to remove log jambs in a river or two because of flooding issues. We did build stream deflectors in the stream bed to narrow the river width and increase water velocity. This was to wash out sediment build up to re-make fish spawning gravel beds. It worked and I caught a Steelhead or 2 at one of the sites.

This film makes me wonder about what those streams might have looked like when beaver were present. Trying to "fix" nature seems to be something of the sort "tilting with windmills". Adapting to a natural landscape or even re-creating one makes more sense. I suspect this is only possible with small scale one family farming in general.
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