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entry holes ? how many

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ok i've built a 48' tbh w/ screen bottom & i'm going to use 3/8' entry holes on one end of hive, but need some input on how many holes is enough. thanks in advance for your input.
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I don't know about holes but i know that my 8" long by 3/8" slot looks really busy on those warm sunny days.:cool:
Our hives, while they use side entrances, have 6 7/8" entry holes. 2 toward one end, 2 centered, and 2 toward the other end. This way you can start the bees in either end or in the center depending on your preference.

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Re: entry holes ?

None. Save yourself the trouble, just move the first bar back 1/2 inch. Works fine on my tbhs.
I use four 7/8" holes at one end you could drill more of course, I use 7/8" because that fits standard wine corks perfectly so if you don't want the extra holes just plug em up.
There is alot of answers to this question....its what fits your needs. What are you putting in the TBH???..Package bees, Nuc or a Swarm???
Is your sides on an angle or straight up and down???? Do you have follower boards or you gonna use all the space???? There will be plenty of ideas and they will all work but what will suit your needs is the question?

Photo of my top bar hive is on my profile, i frilled two holes on one side, one down at one end and the other hole down close to the other end, on the other side i drilled 3 holes close to the center right below the observation window. I have corks in them until its full of bees, then i will open them up. I have a follower board in mine. (My preference)...I add a few bars once they start getting close to the follower.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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