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Entrance shim

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Here is a picture of the entrance shim I use. I had written about it in another thread a couple of days ago.

The part that is not clear in the picture is the from cross piece. It is on the underside. It helps to hold it in place. If need be the shim can be flipped to use as a robber screen.

This picture was probably taken not too longer after installing the entrance shim since it appears that the upper entrance is getting most of the activity. This could also be due to the queen excluder sitting on top of the entrance shim.

This is the design Joseph Clemens has posted drawings of.

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Thanks for posting, a picture is worth a 1000 words, I understand it now.
I saw a hive where the owner made two half inch holes, one on top of each other, directly on the honey super. I saw the bees going in and out. The frames were visible. It met the purpose without an additional wood wear.
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