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Entrance reducer

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At about what point do you remove the entrance reducer? Dayton oh area, and the nights can still be chilly. Or would I now just interfere with the traffic pattern as it is? My guess is that they would like the increased room since it appears some are in a waiting pattern for landing.
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If there's a traffic problem on the outside, there is a traffic problem on the inside. You don't have to go from the smallest entrance to no reducer. Open it a bit at a time, even if you have to cut the reducer. I have several reducer sizes, from cutting at one point or another. Give them what they can defend, without creating a traffic jam. Have you already graduated them to the 4" opening? If so, cut the reducer where the 2 bee opening is, so they have about 1/3rd of the entrance open...then graduate to the other piece...then graduate to none when they are ready. Make sense? :scratch:
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