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Curious, have a TBH three side entrances. Hive is eight weeks old, ten or eleven combs. Everything seems to be find. They're bunched up on end entrance building right to left waiting in line, should I open the middle entrance for them or leave just the end one open ?
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Well, maybe not such a good idea. have had no problems with the girls at all. went to see if they were using The freshly unplugged hold, guard bee hit me on The chin, must of been just hatched lately, was a very small venom sack. Went out and put plug back in and another chased me back to the house. Guess they told me, "leave our house alone".
Thanks for all the advise I've gotten. :waiting::lookout:
Well, since you seem to have a bee in your bonnet:) about getting a response, I use a single entrance, at the top, full width on my TBHs. They are very similar to those in the photos at this page:

I leave those entrances the same year round.

Are you feeling a little less grumpy now? :D

P.S. As you did say you are talking about a TBH, you may get faster responses by putting TBH specific questions in the Top Bar forum, instead of the BK 101 forum. :)
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Rader Sidetrack, never had a bee in my bonnet, just my chin. :D but thanks, grumpy's my nature. I posted on "101" cause I heard that's where all the "old knowledged" BK's hang out. :thumbsup::D
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