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Empty brood cells

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As new bees hatch in my lower deeps. I notice a lot of empty brown lined and colored cells. I think these are cells where brood has hatched? Am I correct in assuming this? I am also about ready to add a second deep. I am wondering if the bees will clean out the old brood cells and if the queen will lay more eggs in those cells??
Greg Watkevich
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Yes, what you are seeing is the coloration change due to the usage and the cacoon....they will def reuse. Before you add your 2nd deep, make sure you are 80-90% on the first, then take a frame of brood and move it up and put and empty on in its place. Helps bait them up!

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I might suggest if you move brood up - use capped brood and placing the replacement frame to one side, so the brood nest isn't split by an empty frame. It is still hitting 40 at night in areas up here (last night called for 38 and the western areas had a frost warning). So there is still a very serious chance of chilled brood if the nest is broken beyond the bees ability to warm it.

Just opinion though,
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