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Short story: 3rd year hive overwintered in a deep and a shallow super. Moved the queen and brood out of the super with an excluder; when brood hatched, I put on an empty medium between the deep and super.

7 days ago - no brood in super which was now filling with honey, medium being drawn, albeit slowly.

Today - super is full of brood again (mostly newly capped) and there are about 10 swarm cells in the super as well (all capped but 2, hanging from the bottom of the frames)!!! I was not expecting this... I had seen the beginnings of a queen cup 7 days ago, but assumed it was just for practice.

So I took the five frames that had swarm cells and put them in another medium with 5 empty frames (having looked carefully to make sure that I was not taking the queen, too) figuring they will make a new hive, and that this move will make the main hive think that they have already swarmed. I left the other five shallow frames (some brood, mostly honey) in the original hive with 5 empty frames added, still over the medium they are drawing out.

Any feedback/thoughts? Anything I need to go back and fix?
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