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efficiently feed 100 nuc colonies

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Planning to make 100 nucleus colonies soon. I was going to use 1 qt mason jars to feed them directly on the top bars and cover with empty supers. I have poly hives and don't want to cut holes in the top cover to use the jar externally, with these hives there is no inner cover except for a plastic or canvas sheet. I am considering using Mann Lakes Pro frame feeder with the cap and ladders for 2 reasons; It seems awkward to just set the jar on the top bars (using no inner sheet because I would have to cut a hole/holes in it) and have all that space in a small newly made nucleus colony, secondly, it seems inefficient (especially in the summer) to have expensive hive bodies just to house a feeder. In fall for bulk feeding it might be okay because presumably some supers may be unemployed because honey has been extracted, even so woudn't those supers be holding empty combs? A person would have to remove those combs to use the supers as feeder covers. I am so new to all of this that is why I am asking these questions. Thank you.
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I feed nucs with a hole cut n the tops but I have my hole right at the front so any water leaked in does run right on the center of the brood nest.All my extra nuc boxed seemed to get used to put frames in instead of covering my jars.
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