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East Texas Nucs - FOR SALE - $150 - Available Mid April

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Nucs include 5+ frames of brood / honey / new queen / bees
All of our options are made up during the spring using bees with a queen grafted by us at CNC Honey Farms. All of our options will be available to pick up around mid-April. When you receive your hive, it will contain five-plus frames of brood of either plastic or wood. Along with brood, you will have honey, pollen, and some extra space for the hive to grow. Please note that you will need a second box to put on top of your hive soon!

Nucs are sold in different options, as described below, but we can support a lot of options, so let us know if you need something different.

Nuc Options:

2020 SPECIAL: $150.00 A four frame nuc in a cardboard nuc box. This option comes with a newly queen, bees, and guaranteed two frames of brood. Your four frames will be a mix of either wood or plastic that will have brood, honey, and pollen. There will not be room for the hive to expand, and a hive body will be needed after purchase.

Option 2: $165.00 – You place the order. I’ll build the nuc in my equipment. Then, in April, you bring an empty hive, and we will move the nuc from my equipment into yours. You will need to bring the following equipment in April upon picking up your bees.
Equipment Needed:
A standard 10 frame hive body box
Strap (To secure the hive for transport.)

Option 3: $200.00 – You place the order. In April, you pick up your nuc built-in new equipment. You will be getting the following with your purchase. You will need to bring a strap in April to secure your hive for transport.
Your purchase includes:
A new standard 10 frame hive body box
8 frames consisting of 5+ brood, and honey
New Queen

Option 4: $265 – A double story hive with a new queen that is ready for honey production. You will need to add supers. Please note that the equipment will be in good working condition, but it will not be brand new equipment.

Option 5: $200 – We want to accommodate all of your requests for starting your own hive. There are a lot of different styles and options for hives available for you to choose from as A beekeeper. However, not all run well along with our standard equipment. This package is for the non-standard such as Top Bar Hives, Flow Hives, or something else you would like to use as a hive.

C. Collins (903) 316-6335 [email protected]