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Easiest cut out ever

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Got a call last week from a guy knew I kept bees. Seems they were clearing out a shed behind a hospices office and a hive had taken residence inside an inverted med cabinet. After looking at them I waited till dark, grabbed some window screen, layed it on the ground, picked up the whole cabinet and layed it on top of the screen then stapled and taped the edges. Brought it home Tuesday night and put it on my hive stand then drilled a couple holes facing the orientation where the permanent hive will face. I run robbing screens year round so I left the window screen in front of the holes to make them go up and out. Friday I will do the actual cut out and band them in frames. The cant be over a month or so old as all the comb white or light yellow. View attachment 49249 View attachment 49249
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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