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EAS message

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Just received this email from our staff list serve about EAS.

Appalachian will be the site of the Eastern Apicultural Society Conference Aug. 1-7.

As part of the conference, approximately 20 honeybee hives will be stored at the green space between Dalph Blan Street and Locust Street. Individuals who are allergic to bee or insect stings should be aware for bees if they are in this vicinity.

EAS personnel will have first aid and Epi-Pens (epinephrine auto-injector) on site at all times. Portable fencing will be placed around the hives and will be locked when the area is not attended by EAS personnel to keep non-conference attendees from entering the area.

Approximately 500 EAS members are expected to attend the conference and participate in classes that will be held in I.G. Greer Hall, Rankin Science Building and Plemmons Student Union. Outdoor sessions will be held at the green space between Dalph Blan and Locust streets.