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Early summer low-pollen issue

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Hi all.

I have two colonies that I started from nucs a little over 3 weeks ago. I fed them a couple pints of 1:1 syrup to get them started. At the time, the dandelion bloom was on, and there was a ton of pollen going in.

At the 1-week inspection, there was some nice solid patches of brood, a decent ring of pollen, and some nectar / syrup stores.

I've fed intermittently since then, and just inspected a second time. Both colonies are well set for nectar/syrup, but there is a complete lack of visible pollen inside. I was expecting as much as while observing the hive as I saw very few bees bringing in pollen supplies. Furthermore, the brood was quite spotty. I found both queens, but I'm wondering if the bees are cannibalising the eggs and young due to the lack of protein.

Both colonies have expanded from ~2.5 frames of bees up to 5-6 frames of bees, so they've grown a fair bit.

I think we are on the edge of clover starting to bloom here - I'm seeing some blooms on my lawn. However, there isn't a ton of pasture close by.

Should I be thinking about feeding some sort of pollen substitute?
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Also remember that the majority of pollen is fed to the brood. If there are not enough foragers to bring in ample pollen and nectar they feed all that comes in. The brood cycles leave the look of brood patterns different depending on what cycle you are looking at and where it is in the cycle.
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