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My hives are about 30 feet from our garden and I am having similar issues with the bees. The garden is located behind the entrances and off to one side. I had this same configuration last year and didn't have any problems but this year, the bees are coming after me. I am having to wear my veil to prep the garden for spring. They are not occasional bumps but intense "I want to sting you" bumps.
With my veil on, a single bee will intently try to get in. After about 30 seconds the bee will leave and then come back with a buddy to help.
I hope they calm down soon. Wearing the veil to work the garden the whole year would be a drag.
I feel your pain. I just started last January and built up to about 10 hives...I would routinely walk right up to my hives and stand and watch them for extended periods of time, never with any issues. This year, it's totally different, they never let me get away with it...I have to put on my veil to go and look at my hives, or chance a sting to the face.
It's not like a ton of bees come at me, but within seconds of approaching the hives, even standing behind them, one or two bees will lock on and make it known that I'm not wanted.

This is completely different from what I had grown accustom to, so much so that I thougth maybe something was bothering them at night so I set up a game camera....but NOTHING!

Hoping this mood passes in the near future. :)
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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